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Managing Consequence

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John david Lazaro said...

This topic is (really interesting), (apparently complex) and yet when you walk away from it, it's (really simple). I'm going to follow Godel's theorem here, which states that no part of a system can comprehend the system as long as it is an integrated part of the system.

Therefore when we distance our selves from the issue - Managing Consequence - it becomes clear and (really interesting) - that from a brand steward's perspective we should first formulate the strategy in its entirety (apparently complex), and in doing so we will be managing consequence .- A (really simple) principle of (planned cause) and (fairly predictable effect).

To add further insight it's interesting to look at the various nuances of the word "consequence"

The meaning of the word Consequence :
1 - something that is the effect or result of of an earlier occurrence.
2 - the conclusion reached by a line of reasoning ; inference.
3 - importance or significance ; a matter of significance.
4 - importance in rank or position, distinction ; a man of consequence.
In consequence : 5 - consequently; as a result; hence.

In the final analysis managing consequence is all about the competence of a manager or brand steward in predicting the viable outcome/consequence of his strategy being executed.( within a framework of achievable results ) In fact " managing consequence " cannot be a strange phrase to a competent business /brand strategist.

John D Lazaro
Lazaro Advertising & DCAM productions