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Quiet Market? Sound Louder

Amidst the global trend of shrinking marketing budgets, I saw an ad in The Economist (no less) for for a marquee investment bank that was sinking. What were they thinking, when even the most profitable companies were cutting back?
When the media market shrinks, deals abound. You end up getting much better value for the same budget. Read on...


Laughing Man said...

Is it really good commonsense to " cut and pull up ' when markets are down?Good commonsense should graduate to 'intelligence'. Is it not the right time to sow .....brand building is an on going exercise and very often the key to a brand's credibility! Perhaps the right time to 'capture space in customers mind's to ensure instant recall. I remember when the earlier decade we had a similar situation certain brands made a conscience decision to up media spends......remember the 'devil'?..Onida ofcourse!